My Therapy Story

Hi, my name is Charlie Ruckheim!

On the 14 of March 2021 I suffered a major health issue, where I was hospitalized at St. Cloud Centra Care Hospital for four days in ICU and three more days until I was discharged to St. Williams PP for ten days of recuperation.  My body was hit big time, by being sent into what the doctors can only say as “Major Shock”!!

I suffered being very, very weak!  The ten days at St. Williams was all about getting my strength back just to be able to walk to some degree!  After ten days I got to go home.

Now I am doing outpatient Physical Therapy two days a week for six weeks.  It’s all about getting my strength back.  The people in Therapy were really good at getting me back on my feet and slowly getting stronger.  Small steps, one day at a time.  They always explained what and why I was doing it and very watchful for not to fall.

I’ve been in their Therapy before as an outpatient after a shoulder replacement.  I would give them high recommendations!  Their facilities and equipment are great.  They do a very good job!!

Visitation and Outing Update April 15, 2021

Dear St. William’s Living Center and McCornell Court Residents:

We are excited to inform you that we are easing visitor and outing policies based on new MN Department of Health Guidance. 

Appointments for visits are no longer required and visitors may self-screen: We are no longer requiring appointments for visits.  Visitors will be required to self-screen prior to entering.  Nursing Home visitors may enter door A on Jackson Street and McCornell Court visitors may enter Door E on McCornell Avenue seven days a week between the hours of 8:00am to 8:00pm.  Visitors should not visit when sick, may not eat while in the facility, and masks are required to be worn at all times while in the facility.  Additional guidance is posted at the screening station near the entrances.

Updated non-medically necessary outing guidance for resident: Vaccinated residents do not need to quarantine after time of out the building unless they have a known exposure to a COVID positive person. The duration of the time away from the building does not matter.

Unvaccinated residents do not need to quarantine after time out of the building if it is less than 24 hours. If the unvaccinated resident is out of the building longer than 24 hours, a 14-day quarantine may be required. The new guidance states that an unvaccinated resident who has had a positive COVID test in the last 90-days does not need to quarantine unless they have had exposure to someone known to have COVID-19 or if they have symptoms.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: Tim Kelly, Administrator at 338-1001; Lori Roers, Director of Nursing at 338-1009.


Tim Kelly, Administrator