My Therapy Story By Racheal Libby

My accident happened December 2, 2020, but break was not found until two weeks later, even though I started PT for rotator cuff. I saw five different therapists during this time.  Everyone had their own way, but pretty much the same exercises given. I felt I could do more and probably pushed myself but was always told not to overdo because I could do more damage. I enjoyed all my times at Physical Therapy and all the therapists that worked with me.

I recommend St. William’s Outpatient Therapy Clinic!

My Therapy Story By Terri Payne

I had my knee replaced July 1, 2020 (on my anniversary)!

Since I work at St. William’s I requested that my rehab be done here.  We tried to get my knee to be more flexible, but it would not have any of that.  They did a great job giving me exercises to do at home!  The bike seemed to be the best thing for my knee.

I have diabetes and am in my early 60’s which probably was a factor in my recovery.  I also went back to work probably too soon.  My job requires me to be on my feet the whole shift except breaks.

The physical therapists did a wonderful job working with me.

My Therapy Story By Colin Koep

My experience with St. William’s Outpatient Therapy was absolutely amazing. It helped me get better!
I cannot thank St. William’s therapists, Maren Russman, PT (pictured with Colin below) and Kyle Hart, PTA enough.
I used to not be able to lift my right leg at all but now, with the help of St. William’s therapists, I can!

My Therapy Story

My Therapy Story

By John Schauland

After rotator cuff surgery in March 2021 the therapists at St. William’s Living Center Outpatient Therapy helped me so much to get motion back in my shoulder.

Their knowledge of what I needed to do, and patience to teach me the exercises and how to do them properly, made a world of difference in my recovery.

I feel I am on the road to a full recovery thanks to all the care I received from the therapists at St. William’s Living Center Outpatient Therapy!