My Therapy Story By George Rubner

On April 21, 2022 I was crushed by a big oak tree.

 The Parkers ambulance came to the field and transported me to the hospital in Alexandria.  After the CT scan, they saw I had back injuries so off to St. Cloud in another ambulance.  I was in St. Cloud for six days.  Was in a lot of pain through the whole thing with broken back and crushed ribs.  They started therapy down there before I came to St. William’s.  It was very painful! 

When I got to St. William’s they started me on getting in and out of bed.  The Therapy program in the nursing home is very great.  I would recommend them anytime.  Just listen and learn.  Big Stone Therapies is great to have around.

George and Megan McCormick, PT, DPT

On ‘Graduation Day’ from Physical Therapy

So great to see him without a brace : )