My Therapy Story

Megan McCormick, DPT (kneeling) by Joanne (Schubert) Thun.

The diagnosis by my doctor was that I have a vertebrae moving too far forward causing pinching of a nerve.  Therefore pain occurred.  I say “occurred” because the therapy exercises suggested and demonstrated to me truly helped, so past tense is used here!  Of course, I had to do as prescribed by the therapists, Maren and Megan didn’t do them for me!  Ha Ha – oh well!  What a feeling of satisfaction enjoyed by me now to be free of pain.  They had a good sense of humor, so we enjoyed a few ‘giggles’.

My probing questions readily received more exercises to do which relieved me of other areas of discomfort.  That way I got the most I could get out of each session.

Upon discharge I was given a nice gift.  They deserve gifts too!

Thanks, girls!

~ Joanne