My Therapy Story by Jill

Well, I had pain going from my lower back right side going down around my hip, down my thigh, and into my groin. Needless to say, I could not really walk or lay down on my right side. I started therapy with Jenny and the exercises she had me do worked wonders. I was feeling great – then I fell! All the pain came back! But Jenny did wonders and I was able to do some of the harder exercises. Well, I am great now and I just finished my therapy – all done! 😊 Thank you very much Jenny, you were wonderful! 

My Therapy Story by Kad Wehking

My name is Kad. 

I had trouble with any and every exercise when I first came here. I tore my ACL during my senior year of basketball and, of course, had to go through surgery to fix it. Coming into therapy I thought I was never going to get better, but these three told me I would and made me work hard. Now, here I am graduating, thinking I wasn’t going to get better in the beginning. They work you to get you better, but in the nicest way. Thank you to these amazing people!

My Therapy Story By George Rubner

On April 21, 2022 I was crushed by a big oak tree.

 The Parkers ambulance came to the field and transported me to the hospital in Alexandria.  After the CT scan, they saw I had back injuries so off to St. Cloud in another ambulance.  I was in St. Cloud for six days.  Was in a lot of pain through the whole thing with broken back and crushed ribs.  They started therapy down there before I came to St. William’s.  It was very painful! 

When I got to St. William’s they started me on getting in and out of bed.  The Therapy program in the nursing home is very great.  I would recommend them anytime.  Just listen and learn.  Big Stone Therapies is great to have around.

George and Megan McCormick, PT, DPT

On ‘Graduation Day’ from Physical Therapy

So great to see him without a brace : )

My Therapy Story by Maxine Klimek

I am so grateful for a wonderful therapy facility here in Parkers Prairie.

I went through PT 3 full months with a good recovery after total knee replacement the end of January 2022.

The therapists I had are so understanding, caring and very knowledgeable.

My work is not done with though.  After being discharged I must continue the exercises at home to continue to gain strength.

I would highly recommend St. Williams Therapy Clinic.

I wish them all the best in their services.

I certainly will miss them all as we grow in knowing each other.

~ Maxine

Kyle Hart, PTA and Maxine Klimek

My Therapy Story

Megan McCormick, DPT (kneeling) by Joanne (Schubert) Thun.

The diagnosis by my doctor was that I have a vertebrae moving too far forward causing pinching of a nerve.  Therefore pain occurred.  I say “occurred” because the therapy exercises suggested and demonstrated to me truly helped, so past tense is used here!  Of course, I had to do as prescribed by the therapists, Maren and Megan didn’t do them for me!  Ha Ha – oh well!  What a feeling of satisfaction enjoyed by me now to be free of pain.  They had a good sense of humor, so we enjoyed a few ‘giggles’.

My probing questions readily received more exercises to do which relieved me of other areas of discomfort.  That way I got the most I could get out of each session.

Upon discharge I was given a nice gift.  They deserve gifts too!

Thanks, girls!

~ Joanne

My Therapy Story By Dianne Zimmerman

Therapy room is very spacious and very clean.

The two Physical Therapists I had, Megan & Marin, were very concerned about the therapy I received and took time to explain each and demonstrate each exercise they wanted me to do.

I certainly would recommend the St. William’s Physical Therapy program to anyone who needs PT.

The office workers were also very helpful.

My Therapy Story By Bruce Springer

Pictured above with Bruce is
Melissa Davidson, Occupational Therapist

On April 30th I about fell getting out of bed. My legs felt weak. By Sunday afternoon I had a hard time walking and my hands were getting weak.  On Monday I was diagnosed with Guillians Barre Syndrome.  I spent a week in the hospital while receiving treatment.

Due to GBS I had to use a walker and couldn’t lift a cup of coffee.  I started to feel a little better after a week and didn’t think that I would need therapy, but my Dr. highly recommended that I did.

So I went to Big Stone Therapy at St. William’s and it turned out to be the best decision I could have made.  I saw both a Physical and Occupational Therapist once a week for six weeks.  They helped me with rebuilding my muscles, balance and coordination.  With their help I am getting back to normal.  I am able to go for long walks, bike rides and can use my tools.

A ‘BIG” thanks to Melissa and Neil!

My Therapy Story By Kaitlyn Seibel

When I first came, I had trouble walking because of my knee injury.

With the help of the staff, I was able to recover and become stronger!

I feel more active now that I am feeling better.  I am even more confident in my abilities—thanks to the hard work and time.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to work so hard and recover!

Thank you so much!

~ Kaitlyn

My Therapy Story By Rob Hagel

Had rotator cuff surgery – arm was really weak, tight and sore.  But after the weeks flew by, and a minor set-back, I am back!  Feel great!

My daughter had Maren and did just as well as I did!

Maren is a great PT and would recommend her, and Big Stone, to anyone needing the service!

Top notch care – thanks again, M!

~ Rob

My Therapy Story By Laura Hagel

My experience here was top notch. Everyone was so welcoming, especially Maren. Being able to have a conversation with someone who would listen was such an amazing thing to have.

On top of that, my therapy has helped me so much! I started off slow and lots of the exercises were hard but when I came every week and did them over and over, I got better and felt like I was getting stronger every week. Running, jumping, and doing lots of strenuous things with my knees were a struggle, but now doing my stretches and exercises, it has helped so much with the pain. I can’t believe how much physical therapy has helped my knees.  I couldn’t be more grateful. 

Thank you! ~ Laura