St. William’s Consistently Rated 5-Star: What Does That Mean?

What do you want in a nursing home? Your list probably includes the following qualities:

  • Clean health inspections
  • A safe living environment
  • A friendly and supportive staff
  • Excellent resident care

What if you could get all of these qualities wrapped up in a newly remodeled facility that’s close to home? You can! St. William’s Living Center has consistently earned a 5-Star rating with’s Nursing Home Compare program.

What goes into a 5-Star rating? Keep reading to learn about the four quality measures a nursing home must excel at to reach this prestigious honor.

Health Inspections

Once a year, the state conducts a detailed inspection of the nursing home facility looking for health violations. The nursing home must correct these violations and submit the corrections to the state for review. The star rating for health inspections is determined by the number of violations cited and the severity of those violations.

St. William’s consistently earns an above-average rating in this category with significantly fewer citations than the state and national averages.

Fire Safety & Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies, such as fire, weather-related events, and power failures, are especially dangerous for nursing home residents because of their limited mobility. Nursing homes must have the proper safety equipment and procedures in place to comply with strict government regulations.

Fire and emergency preparedness ratings are part of the health inspection and St. William’s ranks above-average in this category.

St. Williams Nursing Home


It’s important that nursing homes have enough staff members to provide quality care for their residents. Staffing ratings are calculated by taking the number of residents and the number of staff members and figuring how much time each resident gets with staff members throughout the day.

Staff members include registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs), trained medical aides, social services, and activities. The higher the calculated time each resident gets with staff, the higher the star rating for the nursing home.

Since 2013, St. William’s has improved the direct care staff time by almost 10%. Recently, we have added a Resident Support position, help residents by answering call lights, assisting with meals, and participating in daily activities.

St. William’s regularly earns an above-average rating for staffing.

Quality of Resident Care

An excellent care rating is what St. William’s is most proud of. We consistently rate “much above” state and national averages in this category. Our residents receive some of the best care in the nation!

Resident care is rated by 17 different measures. Some of these measures include flu and fall prevention, risk of re-hospitalization, and the rate at which residents can return home after a stay. These measures are then broken down into short-term stay, long-term stay, and overall care quality to determine a star rating.

St. William’s: The 5-Star Home With a Heart!

At St. William’s, we pride ourselves as the home with a heart, serving the residents of Parkers Prairie and the surrounding communities with excellent healthcare!

Want to learn more about our consistent 5-Star rating? Contact us anytime for more information.