What are Registered Nurses? 5 Facts About This Amazing Career

Did you know that registered nursing is one of the highest paid occupations in America?

Not only can you make money as a registered nurse, but it’s also one of the most fulfilling jobs you can do. Nursing allows you to take on an active role in improving the daily lives of others.

There’s also a ton of demand for medical professionals. A nursing career gives you the job stability you want. And offers plenty of opportunity for advancement.

So, what are registered nurses (RNs)? In this article, we’ll give you five facts about this amazing career.

1. RNs are one of the Highest Nursing Ranks

When you choose to start a nursing career, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a great place to start. This is where you learn the basics of resident care.

The next level of nursing is called a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). LPNs take on a more advanced role. This is where you’ll learn to supervise others, administer medication, and take part in monitoring the health of the patients. 

RNs are the next level up in nursing. To become an RN, you must have a nursing degree, pass an exam with the national board of nursing, and meet all other state licensing requirements. You’ll work directly with supervising medical professionals to develop and implement care plans for your patients. 

2. You’ll Get Your Exercise as an RN

Looking to get out from behind a desk? Becoming an RN might just be the career change you need! That’s because nurses walk an average of four miles every day.

You’ll make regular rounds meeting and talking with residents. You’ll help with physical therapy and daily exercises. You’ll also move patients to and from mealtimes and activities. There’s never a dull moment when you’re an RN at a nursing home.

3. It’s One of the Most Fulfilling Careers

When your job is caring for others, the level of job satisfaction can’t be matched. As an RN, one day is never the same as the next. So you’ll have lots of opportunity to learn and grow as a person along the way. 

You’ll get to know each of the residents individually. And you’ll get to meet their families. There’s nothing more satisfying than providing a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on for those in need.

4. Men Can Do It Too!

Nursing isn’t only for women, men can do it too! In fact, the number of men choosing to go into the nursing field has increased year after year. 

Many residents appreciate having both male and female nurses around. Male residents may prefer to have a man help with bathing or toileting. If you’re considering becoming a nurse, don’t let old gender norms stop you.

5. You Can Get FREE Tuition

That’s right, we used the magic word – FREE! St William’s Living Center offers scholarships for nurses who want to advance their career. If you meet the requirements for scholarship participation, St. William’s will pay for your RN schooling and books.

And if you’re already in school or have completed a nursing program, St. William’s offers reimbursement of tuition expenses for qualified employees. Plus, we offer flexible and part-time shifts to our nursing staff. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to juggle work, school, and home life.

What are Registered Nurses? It’s Time to Find Out!

If you’ve ever asked yourself “what are registered nurses?”, now’s the time to find out! Contact us to get more information on this lucrative and fulfilling career. 

St. William’s Living Center offers our employees great benefits including low-cost health insurance, PTO, and, as we mentioned, tuition reimbursement and scholarships. And our facility has earned a 5-star ranking with Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare program. That means we consistently rank above average in all levels of safety, staffing, and resident care. 

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