Why Physical Therapy Is Perfect for Recurring Injury Treatment

Do you have a pesky injury? Something you may have done years ago that comes back to haunt you every few months?

Usually, these recurring injuries are caused by an underlying problem. And if we ignore the issue and “fight” through the pain and discomfort, we aren’t really doing ourselves any good.

That’s where physical therapy (PT) can help. Keep reading to learn why PT is perfect for recurring injury treatment.

Fix the Root of the Problem

Physical therapists are specially trained to assess your injury and treat it so you can get back your mobility. There are a number of factors that might cause recurring pain from an old injury.

Scar tissue can build up, affecting flexibility and range of motion. PT improves range of motion through specific exercises that target the area where the scar tissue has developed. Greater range of motion means less pain and less chance that you’ll re-injure the area in the future.

Also, injuries may cause you to favor one set of muscles over another. This lack of use can cause weakness in the muscles surrounding the injury point. A physical therapist treats this by giving you exercises that strengthen the muscles around the injury site. Strengthening these muscles will not only help heal the old injury, but it will prevent future injuries in the same area.

Get Pain Relief Without Pills

Physical pain from an injury can last for weeks or months. And it can severely limit your ability to move and interact with others. 

Pain medication is one way to limit pain, but it isn’t always the best answer. Strong medication is potentially addictive and dangerous if abused. Plus, it doesn’t actually treat an injury, but instead, only masks the pain.

PT is an excellent alternative to pain medication. Stretching is one way that physical therapists help relieve pain. Muscle and joint stretches loosen up tight tissues, giving you greater flexibility and reducing painful movements.

Also, your physical therapist will work on ways to improve blood flow to injured tissue, which reduces inflammation. Inflammation is one of the most common causes of pain in the body. They treat inflammation with heat/cold therapy, massage therapy, and ultrasound treatments. 

Heal the Injury, Avoid the Surgery

It’s true that sometimes, surgery is necessary. Especially if you’re dealing with an injury that’s been lingering for months or years. But it’s also true that giving physical therapy a try might help you avoid surgery altogether. 

There are a number of common ailments that often benefit more from PT than from surgery. Minor knee issues, like meniscal tears, improve over time with strengthening exercises performed by a physical therapist. 

A physical therapist can improve mild to moderate arthritis through weight-bearing exercises that strengthen the joints. And smaller rotator cuff tears respond really well to stretching and strengthening.

Whenever you can skip the surgery, it’s a win for you. It allows you to avoid the additional pain and recovery time it takes to heal from surgery. Plus, you avoid a hospital stay, which comes with a hefty price tag.

Injury Treatment Done the Right Way

PT is an excellent form of injury treatment. If you suffer from recurring injuries, it’s time you get to the root of the problem and treat the underlying cause. Nobody should have to live with recurring pain from injuries.
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