Send the Pills Packing: Why You Should Choose Physical Therapy for Pain Management

Whoever coined the phrase, “No pain, no gain” obviously didn’t have to deal with chronic pain on a daily basis.

For those of us who do suffer from chronic pain, we know that the only way to gain our lives back is to find relief. Pain is not normal and if you live with pain, you need to seek help for it asap.

Many people turn to pain medication to help relieve pain. And medication is an effective method of neutralizing the pain as long as it’s strictly monitored by a physician. But medication has its downsides too.

Physical therapy for pain management is also an effective way to send pain packing. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the problems with taking pain medications. And why PT might be a great alternative.

The Problems with Pain Meds

When prescribed by a doctor, pain medications are usually safe and effective. But doctors never truly know how their patients will react to medications. Here are a few of the most common problems with pain meds.

Pills Mask the Pain

Opioids are chemicals produced naturally by your body in response to pain. Prescription opioids mimic these chemicals, causing the body to relax and the pain to lessen. But they don’t actually treat anything.

Often, the underlying cause of pain is much more complicated. It may have to do with bone and joint health. Or it may be because of nerve damage or tissue disease.

Pills are Addictive

Pain medications are highly addictive. And although your doctor may have your best interest at heart, they never know how you’ll react to chemicals introduced to your body.

Once you’re addicted to pain medication, it’s very difficult to quit. Many times the body goes into withdrawal. And you may have to take more medications to help you recover.

There’s No End

Because pain medicine doesn’t actually heal the underlying cause of pain, there’s really no end in sight. And for many, the prospect of taking pain medicine indefinitely can be depressing. Discuss this issue with your doctor before starting a pain medication regimen.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Pain Mangement

Fortunately, there are plenty of natural alternatives to relieve pain. Physical therapy is a great way to keep your body moving and fix the underlying causes of pain.

PT often includes a series of stretches. These stretches can loosen up tight muscles and help you move around with less pain. Stretching also helps increase the range of motion in your joints, another great way to relieve pain.

Your physical therapist will work on exercises that increase strength. When you strengthen your bones and muscles, you’re less likely to feel pain when you move around. And you’re also less likely to injure yourself again.

But PT isn’t always about stretching and exercising. There are other treatments available in the physical therapy room that can help you deal with pain. These treatments include electrical and ultrasound stimulation to help with blood flow to your joints.

Your therapy might include heat and cold treatments that can reduce pain and inflammation. You might also receive a therapeutic massage during your session. Massages are great for improving blood flow and loosening muscles.

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